Our Story





    Part saloon, part frites shop, all honky-tonk. Dedicated to Belgian beer & cuisine, while capturing the essence of what is truly original about Tulsa, Wirwar is the genuine article: A Belgian honky-tonk. Housed in a recycled shipping container in a recently renovated corner of downtown, Wirwar Tulsa is a true pioneer merely by its existence. Throw in its unique take on European street food and hillbilly music, you have a truly original restaurant/bar that has the ability to contribute to the revitalization of nightlife in the East End Village.

  Wirwar Tulsa is the culmination of musician JD McPherson’s vision, Alex Desai’s enthusiasm and Michael McLaughlin’s experience. This “Belgian Honky-Tonk” was first imagined while JD sat in his favorite Belgian Pub (Wirwar Turnhout) in-between legs of a European tour. Enamored of the antique surroundings and the Trappist ales of this quintessential Flemish bar, he dreamed of somehow bringing this experience back to his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He knew it would be best to start small, maybe even a food truck… but as his music career took off it was relegated to daydream status, a passing thought when he had the time to indulge it. A few years later, fate brought three old friends together for a chance meeting. Michael & Alex were looking into opening a pub in Tulsa, and JD saw the chance to pitch them his Belgian Pub idea. So, they partnered up, and Wirwar Tulsa was born.